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Details on GSB capacity sales 2023 announced

Gas Storage Bergermeer (GSB) has a total of 19.75 TWh Standard Bundled Units (SBU’s) capacity available for Storage Year 2023. TAQA will auction 8 TWh on a fixed priced basis,... Read more

Customer and market announcement

On 06 October 2022 Gas Storage Bergermeer (GSB) surpassed a fill level of 90% fullness. This 90% fullness is measured against GSB’s sold (firm) technical working volume of 45.6 TWh,... Read more

GSB sells 4.17 TWh of SY22 capacity

On 1st of June 2022 TAQA Gas Storage Bergermeer sold 4.17 TWh of SBUs for the remainder of storage year 2022 during a tender organized by the Dutch ministry and... Read more

Gas Storage Bergermeer facts

GSB is Europe’s largest open access gas storage, playing a key role in energy security for northwest Europe with 46 terawatt hours (TWh) of capacity. TAQA strictly follows the European... Read more

GSB sells 4.83 TWh of SY22 capacity

Today TAQA Gas Storage Bergermeer sold 4.83 TWh for storage year 2022 during a fixed price auction. The auction applied a reserve price of 1.50 €/SBU and capacity was sold... Read more

Latest technical update GSB

Following up from previous newsletter(s),, hereby an update: Beginning of February the implementation of the dry gas cooling loop to the motors of the compressors has been finalised and commissioned... Read more

GTS maintenance

GTS published that the installation of a new connecting pipeline in Grijpskerk is needed: This change will temporarily reduce the available GTS Exit transport capacity at UGS Bergermeer. You... Read more

Technical update GSB

As communicated in our previous newsletters, several investigations were conducted on the failures of the compressor motors. These concluded that liquids in the compressor motors, in combination with other contributing... Read more

Details on GSB Capacity Sales SY22 announced

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Latest technical update GSB

As communicated in July, withdrawal availability will remain to be based on free flow withdrawal for as long as possible. TAQA has assured these free flow capacities are maximised. The... Read more