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GSB sells 4.83 TWh of SY22 capacity

Today TAQA Gas Storage Bergermeer sold 4.83 TWh for storage year 2022 during a fixed price auction. The auction applied a reserve price of 1.50 €/SBU and capacity was sold... Read more

Latest technical update GSB

Following up from previous newsletter(s),, hereby an update: Beginning of February the implementation of the dry gas cooling loop to the motors of the compressors has been finalised and commissioned... Read more

GTS maintenance

GTS published that the installation of a new connecting pipeline in Grijpskerk is needed: This change will temporarily reduce the available GTS Exit transport capacity at UGS Bergermeer. You... Read more

Technical update GSB

As communicated in our previous newsletters, several investigations were conducted on the failures of the compressor motors. These concluded that liquids in the compressor motors, in combination with other contributing... Read more

Details on GSB Capacity Sales SY22 announced

Click here for more info

Latest technical update GSB

As communicated in July, withdrawal availability will remain to be based on free flow withdrawal for as long as possible. TAQA has assured these free flow capacities are maximised. The... Read more

GSB compressor update

Please follow the link to a technical note on the current compressor issues: LINK

Latest technical update GSB

Last week, GSB switched to injection mode using one compressor. Maintenance on the other compressors is still ongoing with the highest priority. We are expecting to have two additional compressors... Read more

Technical update GSB

Since early this year, GSB has run in a withdrawal free-flow operating mode. As a result of, among others, the recent high customer usage, the pressure in the field has... Read more

Auction 18th Feb 2021 cancelled

GSB has decided to cancel the upcoming Short-Term Auction for SY21 because of the recent compressor problems (LINK). The auction was planned on the 18th of February, in total 7.000.000... Read more