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Gas Storage Bergermeer facts

GSB is Europe’s largest open access gas storage, playing a key role in energy security for northwest Europe with 46 terawatt hours (TWh) of capacity.

TAQA strictly follows the European and Dutch government energy policies and sanctions. There are no monetary payments from TAQA to Gazprom.

Gazprom is not involved in the daily operations. We have a modest potential financial exposure as Gazprom pays a share of the cost of operating the facility.

GSB continues to operate normally with available capacity (working volume) at 46 TWh or 4.1 bcm.

GSB stores the equivalent average gas consumption of 2.5 million Dutch households, meeting nearly 15% of the total Dutch annual gas demand and an option to further increase.

Upon incorporation of the facility, Gazprom Export provided the required cushion gas, which keeps the minimum reservoir pressure at 77 bar to support operations. Under contractual obligations, this cushion gas is committed until 2045 and cannot be withdrawn.

In exchange for the cushion gas, Gazprom became entitled to a share of the capacity each year. The remaining working gas capacity is held by parties who have signed the Standard Storage and Services Agreement (SSSA).

There is no contractual link between the SSSA and the long-term cushion gas or capacity arrangements with Gazprom.