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Customer and market announcement

On 06 October 2022 Gas Storage Bergermeer (GSB) surpassed a fill level of 90% fullness. This 90% fullness is measured against GSB’s sold (firm) technical working volume of 45.6 TWh, as also reported under REMIT.

We have been contacted by GSB customers who have raised questions in anticipation of a potential contractual Full Storage Day (FSD, see SSSA).

Technically GSB has the capacity to store more gas than 45.6 TWh. Therefore, in light of:

  • the drive of the European Union to store as much natural gas as possible before winter and
  • in order to avoid GSB customers withholding further injections into Interruptible Space for fear of a contractual FSD,

GSB will add technical working volume to the GSB operating system (if needed) to avoid such contractual FSD. The added technical working volume will be at least 2.5 TWh (for now). Note that as a result, the fullness % reported under REMIT by GSB could surpass 100%.