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Operational information

Up to date operational data including physical gas in store levels can be found at AGSI.

In case of any technical unavailability’s this is also published on the AGSI website at its storage unavailability website and via this RSS feed. Note these are not contractual terms.

Overal technical capacity versus contracted capacity is as follows:

  Nameplate Sold SY 2019 Sold SY 2020
Maximum working gas volume (TWh) 45.6 45.6 45.6
Maximum injection capacity (MW) 19,490 19,490 19,490
Maximum withdrawal capacity (MW) 26,437 26,437 26,437
Current applicable storage fees:  
Injection fee SY 2020 (€/MWh) 0.188
Withdrawal fee SY 2020 (€/MWh) 0.153
Injection fee SY 2021 (€/MWh) 0.146
Withdrawal fee SY 2021 (€/MWh) 0.118
Spread SY 2020 (€/MWh) 3.574
Interruptible capacity fees (€/MWh) available in myGSB
Transfer fee for trading on the ICE Endex Secondary market (€/MWh) 0
Transfer fee for Notified Trade, Register Transfer and Working Gas Bundles (€/MWh) 0.0035