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Technical update GSB

As described in the previous note on GSB withdrawal unavailability, before the weekend we had 3 out of 6 compressors available. This was affecting the technical availability, as 4 compressors... Read more

Technical update GSB

Since early January, GSB is reporting reduced technical availability on the withdrawal side caused by problems with the compressors. GSB has in total six compressors, of which one is always... Read more

Technical update GSB

Since last night, GSB is reporting reduced technical availability on the withdrawal side. The switching of the withdrawal operating mode from free flow to a mode where compression is required... Read more

GSB sells 2 TWh of SY21 Capacity

Today TAQA sold 2 TWh for storage year 2021 during a fixed price auction.  The auction applied a reserve price of 1.50 €/SBU and capacity was sold with a cut-off... Read more


Besides the previously announced short-term Auctions, GSB will also offer Fixed Price storage capacity starting in SY21 with a tenor from 4 upto 10 years. For the full overview of... Read more

Details on GSB Capacity Sales SY21 announced

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Results Space Auction SY20

Today, TAQA offered 2.5 TWh of capacity for the remainder of Storage Year 2020 during a fixed price auction. The product offered was space-only, and did not include injection or... Read more

Green light for TAQA to store more gas in Gas Storage Bergermeer

Gas Storage Bergermeer has been given the green light by the Dutch government to increase its storage capacity. TAQA, the company that is operating the storage facility, applied for permission... Read more

Latest technical update GSB

Since early March, GSB is reporting reduced technical availability on the withdrawal side. This is because during routine maintenance activities on the 5th of March an electrical failure occurred in... Read more

TAQA Corona measures

Please be informed that as a result of the tighter (temporary) measures from the Dutch government to minimise the spread of the Corona virus and in order to safeguard the... Read more