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Fraudulent websites and e-mails posing as TAQA gas storage provider

In January 2023, we informed the market about fraudulent persons and/or organisations that were impersonating themselves as TAQA Gas Storage Bergermeer via fake websites.

Unfortunately, we are still noticing this and imposters are now also using fake e-mail addresses (for example gmail).

To our knowledge, at least three platforms have been used by these imposters:, and These sites are posing as providing storage services across the world under the TAQA brand name.

TAQA is in no way connected to any of the above websites and commercial activities.

Please take note that anyone who engages with said websites, via e-mail or any other platform and material promoted by the imposters does so at their own risk. 

Our official website has been and remains and Our e-mail adresses will always include either the domain name or