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Latest technical update GSB

As communicated in July, withdrawal availability will remain to be based on free flow withdrawal for as long as possible. TAQA has assured these free flow capacities are maximised. The implementation of the dry cooling gas to the motors of the compressor has been delayed due to longer lead times of critical elements. This means this set-up won’t be commissioned until after the Christmas holidays. Until that time, TAQA will deliver withdrawal capacities with two existing compressors in their current set-up.

Please note, GSB REMIT reported technical unavailability is based on the current fill level and forecasted fill rates for the coming months. In December, we adjusted and lowered our forecasted fill rate based on customer usage.

GSB continues to publish technical unavailability as per REMIT obligations at Technical unavailability does not necessarily equate to contractual unavailability. Customers can check their contractual rights via myGSB.