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We strive to ensure our fair and transparent approach is evident in all we do. From our products and services, to our Standard Storage Services Agreement – we treat all customers equally – both in terms of the auctioning of capacities and our extensive support. Our annual auction gives you transparent access to available capacity, You can participate in the auction with a signed SSSA. Signing our SSSA gives you access to the auctions, the secondary market and interruptible services, helping you to optimise your gas portfolio.

SSSA framework

Gas Storage Bergermeer’s Standard Storage Services Agreement was developed in consultation with our current customers. One SSSA that manages all current and future capacities where all customers are treated equally. The Gas Storage Bergermeer team supports you and your internal stakeholders in every step towards participating in the auctions, by sharing Q&As and by providing you access to the independent legal advice written by Allen & Overy to support your legal and credit teams.

We have created a document with practical operational examples to give you a better overview of what we offer. View document

Benefits of signing our SSSA

One framework providing access to upcoming and all future auctions
Access to unused capacities
Access to the secondary storage market


3 Steps to participate in auctions

Sign the confidentiality agreement
1 • Receive Allen & Overy’s legal report and a guide to our SSSA and the Gas Foundation
• The Gas Storage Bergermeer team is always available for support
Sign the SSSA
2 • Provide credit details and receive credit limit
• Operational readiness: set up all operational and IT details to implement the contract
Register for the auction
3 • Sign Power of Attorney
• Gas Storage Bergermeer and ICE teams available for support


Making your trades easier

dowloadeconverter As we take pride in supporting our customers in their daily work we have created a FREE eConverter-app for your phone. The energy Converter provides a quick and easy way to convert energy units used in the gas industry. By making conversions readily available, we hope to reduce existing boundaries and achieve higher transparency in the energy industry.

More on the eConverter here