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Operational information


Technical versus contracted capacity
Nameplate Sold SY 2018 Sold SY 2019
Maximum working gas volume (TWh) 45.6 45.6 28.3
Maximum injection capacity (MW) 19,490 19,490 12,117
Maximum withdrawal capacity (MW) 26,437 26,437 16,436


Operational data (incl physical gas in store) 


Technical unavailability’s



Disclaimer: these are not contractual terms


Storage fees
Injection fee SY 2019 (€/MWh) 0.182
Withdrawal fee SY 2019 (€/MWh) 0.148
Spread SY 2019 (€/MWh) tbd
Injection fee SY 2018 (€/MWh) 0.129
Withdrawal fee SY 2018 (€/MWh) 0.105
Spread SY 2018 (€/MWh) 1.318
Interruptible capacity fee for forward direction (€/MWh) 0.25
Interruptible capacity fee for reverse direction (€/MWh) 0
Interruptible space fee (€/MWh/h) 0
Transfer fee for trading on the ICE Endex Secondary market (€/MWh) 0
Transfer fee for Notified Trade, Register Transfer and Working Gas Bundles (€/MWh) 0.0035

For detailed info please refer to Standard Storage Service Agreement

Last updated: 17/09/2018 11:40