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Economic benefits

The Northwest European gas hub

The Dutch government regards Gas Storage Bergermeer as a matter of national importance. EBN B.V., participates on behalf of the Dutch State, its sole shareholder, with a 40 percent stake in Gas Storage Bergermeer.

The Netherlands is dependent on natural gas, more so than other countries in Europe. For more than half a century the production of natural gas has helped boost the economic prosperity of the Netherlands. Following the discovery of the natural gas reservoir in Groningen in 1959, natural gas production has yielded more than EUR 200 billion for the Netherlands. Today natural gas meets more than 40 percent of the Dutch national demand for energy.

The gradual depletion of Dutch natural gas reserves, longer transportation routes and the transition to a more sustainable regime of energy management create challenges in safeguarding energy supply. In a move to guarantee this supply, the Dutch government aims for the Netherlands to serve as the gas hub for the international transport of natural gas and as a distribution centre for Northwest Europe. This would also be economically significant due to the associated investments, innovations and trading activities.

However, the decreasing flexibility of indigenous natural gas production options means that additional gas storage facilities are needed. With Gas Storage Bergermeer, we are creating a strong base for establishing the Northwest European gas hub in the Netherlands. Sufficient natural gas storage capacity guarantees security of supply and ensures the flexibility required for a properly functioning market.

The Energy Region

The province of North Holland where Gas Storage Bergermeer is situated is actively being promoted as an ‘energy region’. North Holland will benefit from Gas Storage Bergermeer as a large proportion of the investment in the construction of Gas Storage Bergermeer is spent with suppliers and contractors in the region, developing strong links with the local community. TAQA is actively promoting the development of the north of North Holland as ‘energy region’. The region will be a centre of excellence for natural gas and advanced sustainable energy technology. This knowledge industry will also attract other related activity and create employment.