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We strive to ensure our fair and transparent approach is evident in all we do. From our products and services, to our Standard Storage Services Agreement – we treat all customers equally – both in terms of the auctioning of capacities and our extensive support. The storage product that Gas Storage Bergermeer provides is designed to optimise your gas portfolio.

Download your SSSA here. In addition we have created an excel sheet with practical operational examples to give you a better overview of what we offer. View here.

Short re-nomination lead time allowing within-day balancing Service delivery at the TTF: no transport costs or associated regulatory risks No predefined injection or withdrawal periods Pricing indexed to the summer-winter spread without caps or floors Firm capacities independent of other customers’ usage Access to unused capacities.


Injection and withdrawal over time

Customers have full flexibility in choosing when to inject or withdraw. For each customer a pressure factor will apply based on the utilisation of the customer’s working gas volume. The effective withdrawal period will be 97 days and the injection period 112 days.

Standard bundled units (SBU)

Standard bundles are offered both on a fixed price basis as well as on indexed price basis. The indexed priced bundles are based on the average of the TTF summer – winter spread six months prior to each storage year times an agreed multiplier.

A Standard Bundled Unit consists of
Injection capacity: 0.427 kW
Space: 1,000 kWh
Withdrawal capacity: 0.579 kW

As we take pride in supporting our customers in their daily work we have created a FREE eConverter-app for your phone. The energy Converter provides a quick and easy way to convert energy units used in the gas industry, including calculations with Bergermeer SBU. By making conversions readily available, we hope to reduce existing boundaries and achieve higher transparency in the energy industry.

More on the eConverter here


Gas Storage Bergermeer offers innovative and unique services. We endeavour to create a highly liquid trading hub. To achieve that we offer innovative, highly flexible and transparent services.

ACCESS: Working gas as collateral

This unique and innovative service is offered by Gas Storage Bergermeer, in cooperation with our customers and supporting banks, to foster optimal use of stored gas. We call this service ACCESS. As of february 2014 three banks are supporting the ACCESS framework agreement: BNP Paribas, Citi and Rabobank.

Read more about ACCESS in the press release.

Contact Supporting Banks
BNP Paribas
Rabobank Peter.Zonneveld

Secondary trading platform by ICE Endex

Gas Storage Bergermeer’s secondary trading platform, provided by ICE Endex, eliminates credit risk and enables customers to anonymously trade bundles, unbundled capacity and Gas-In-Storage.

More information can be found in the SSSA Section 8.

(Link to trading platform is under construction.)

The Gas Foundation

The Gas Foundation is a bankruptcy-remote vehicle that guarantees access to your gas even in the most extreme scenarios. The board of the Gas Foundation is formed by customers of Gas Storage Bergermeer as is made known in the press release. By signing the Confidentiality Agreement a detailed explanation and legal advice from Allen & Overy on the security structure that ensures redelivery of gas is available. More information to be downloaded in the guide to the SSSA.