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Published documents

The following contract documents are available

Standard Storage Services Agreement (version1.5 dated 23 December 2015)
Confidentiality agreement allows access to legal advice from Allen & Overy on the security structure that ensures redelivery of gas
Framework ACCESS (v2.0)


In addition we have shared the following supporting documents

Guide to the SSSA (Version 1.1 dated 23 December 2015)
Operating guidelines for SSSA customers (Version 1.1 dated 20 October 2015)
CDIS manual (Version 1.0 dated 20 October 2015)
Numeric examples to the SSSA
Gas Storage Bergermeer historic multiplier calculated by the FEA Storage Model


Presentations held at Gas Storage Bergermeer Expert Sessions at Flame 

Presentation TAQA on GSB
Presentation ICE Endex on primary auction and secondary market
Presentation FEA on historic multiplier analysis
Presentation Allen&Overy on the Gasfoundation
Presentation Rabobank on working gas as collateral
Presentation TAQA  on Customers Benefits
Presentation KYOS on valuation of a GSB SBU
Presentation PWC on Commodity financing
Presentation ICE Endex on GSB Secondary Market